Fresh Shoes, Fresh Start

Well school has officially started, and the stress will surely begin shortly. This semester is very busy for me. Between taking 15 credit hours in communication and finance courses, balancing 2 internships and a part time job, and still having somewhat of a social life it is insane. Which is why I run.


I actually started running a little over a year ago. Since then I have ran in 2 5Ks, 1 10K, and the Kentucky Derby Festival mini marathon last May. I run with a couple of my friends in the evenings after our  hectic days have come to an end.

We normally run downtown to the waterfront, which completely distresses me. Something that I have learned since I have started this journey is that running is all mental, just like a lot of other things.If you stop thinking about the reasons why you can’t run 5 miles, you’ll get there; just like if you stop worrying about an exam: you will probably perform better when you are not a nervous wreck. It’s all about confidence.


Every time I go for a run I discover new things, brainstorm different ideas, encounter new people and places, and see interesting perspectives on life. Sometimes I’m even scared for my life because there are a lot of “characters” out in the streets of Louisville.



I just got a new pair of Brooks running shoes, which I believe represents a fresh start. A new year, new experiences to be had, and new races to train for: Urban Bourbon Mini Marathon: October 22nd/Graduation: May 2017. I hope to update you, my readers, on the lessons that I learn this year, things that I encounter, and everything else that occurs as I sprint into my senior, and final, year of college with a clean slate. After all: Fresh Shoes, Fresh Start.


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