The 5 Types of People at the Gym

Everyday thousands of individuals walk in and out of the University of Louisville’s Student Recreation Center, better known as the “SRC”. This state of the art facility opened in 2013 and offers some of the finest fitness equipment that there is. Some of the main features of this building include: 6 basketball courts, an indoor soccer arena, 3 racquetball courts, 3 group fitness studios that offer free classes for members, a gaming lounge, a turf field and even a golf simulator


From this description you can only imagine the kinds of people that are in and out of this building every day. They can easily be categorized into five groups:

  1. The MeatHeads
  2. The Social Butterflies
  3. The Creepy Alumni
  4. The Confused
  5. The “I Just Want To Get In Shape” img_4486

The MeatHeads are normally guys that are in the gym at least twice a day. They wear those small little cut off shirts to show off their muscles. They drink their pre workout as soon as they get to the gym and surely enough they are shaking their protein powder in their blender bottle on the way out. If you follow them around for 5 minutes chances are you will see them staring in the mirror flexing their muscles to see their “gains”.

The Social Butterflies are the females that show up to the gym barely wearing any clothes, hair and makeup perfected as if they are going to a black tie affair, normally trying to get a boy’s attention. Yes, they might hop on the elliptical for 5 minutes, but this is just so they can plan when and where to attack.

The Creepy Alumni….pretty self explanatory. They are old, they are creepy, and they should probably join a water aerobics class. But hey they do say stay in college as long as you can right?

The Confused are the people that spend half an hour trying to operate a combination lock only to give up and risk their stuff getting stolen (which normally happens). Then they hop on a machine, can’t figure out how to work it, so they just go home.

The “I Just Want To Get In Shape” group. Yes, these are the normal people. They tend to make two big appearances throughout the year: After they have made their New Year’s Resolutions, and 2 weeks before Spring Break. Because miracles happen in the SRC. In the months April-December you can catch them at the nearest McDonalds.


Reporting live from the SRC, Katelyn Hogan (student reporter and SRC worker)


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