About Me

Hello readers,

My name is Katelyn Hogan and I am a senior at the University of Louisville and am studying Communication and Finance. I an active member of Kappa Delta sorority, where I have held multiple leadership positions. I currently work at UofL’s Student Recreation Center and have marketing internships with UofL’s Office of Student Involvement as well as St. James Court Art Show.  I am hoping to pursue a career in PR or marketing, and am looking into internships to be apart of this summer.

Another one of my passions is running. I began running just last year and have found that I truly enjoy it. I am currently training for my second mini marathon so I will be sharing my training story with you over the next few months. However, I “run” into many different kinds of situations, people, and environments on a daily basis. I’ll try to keep it interesting, while I constantly “jog” my memory to keep you entertained.

Happy Reading,

Katelyn Hogan