A Morning Jog

I am not a morning person. I normally jog in the evenings. However, a couple of weekends ago I found myself sprinting around Old Louisville at 4:45 am…. And it wasn’t for fun.

As part of my internship with the St James Court Art Show (I promise this is the last time I will talk about this) I was responsible for making sure that the local news stations (WDRB, WAVE 3, WLKY, WHAS, etc) were accommodated and had artists to interview each morning. The segments ran from 5am-9am and the art show started at 10am.IMG_4075.JPG

3 takeaways from this early experience:

  1. The reporters have no idea what they are talking about
  2. The camera man is not interested in anything going on
  3. The awkward smile from the reporter after he/she is done speaking is even MORE hilarious in personIMG_4067.JPG





About 10 minutes before each segment I would inform the reporter of the artists’   background, general information about the St James Court Art Show, and expand on any other topics that they could use to fill their time.


They were not familiar with any of this information prior, which I found a little surprising. At first, I did not understand why I needed to be there, but I soon learned that I was the source of information that they were seeking, I was their fact checker.

As I sat back and observed for a little bit I noticed it was strange that the camera men and reporters did not have much interaction until they were about to shoot. There seemed to be no relationship between the two, no talking, joking around, not a lot of communication at all. They were both strictly there for business and wanted to get their jobs done and move on with their days.

And as for takeaway #3… pretty much self explanatory

I’m happy that I was able to see the news from this perspective. It’s interesting that these reporters can portray that they know exactly what is going on, when in fact that is not always the case.

I guess my jog was worth it.


Sprinting to the Finish Line

Lately, I feel like I have had a lot of deadlines… a lot of procrastination… a lot of “ends”.Between schoolwork, internships, and training for my next race I have been very overwhelmed. I think a lot of it has to do with it being senior year.

Today I had a huge realization: that after four months of hard work, my internship is quickly coming to an end. Like you already know, I intern for the St James Court Art Show, and today was Setup Day

.IMG_4065.PNGSetup day is a very hectic day. All of the streets get shut down, all of the artists come into town, and literally no one has a clue of what is going on. I mean can honestly say I have never seen more U-hauls in one area at a time.

POURING rain. Food vendors are setting up, Police are patrolling, artists are bickering, it honestly is pretty entertaining until the “hate emails” come into your inbox…. Note: Artists are not friendly people…

I set up 48 cardboard recycling boxes, assisted with artist and volunteer check-in, and rode around in a golf cart pretending like i knew what was going on. After this I attended KASA’s St James Court Art Show Pre Party at the Muhammad Ali Center downtown. It was a very long day. So I went home and decided that I should probably check my email before day 1 begins.

Boy was that a mistake.

IMG_4062.PNGI am in charge of media interviews with the local news. I have spent weeks coordinating with local stations and artists and assigning media interview slots for them.

Today they were reminded of their time slot and so many of them decided to flake. So tomorrow when I arrive at St James Court at 4:30am I am hoping that there is someone to talk to the cameras, because it certainly will NOT be me. Prayers appreciated

Stay tuned to see how the sIMG_4064.PNGhow goes…if I don’t run away first:)

Running the Art Show

Today marks one week before the St James Court Art Show Festivities begin. This past summer I have been interning for the St James Court Art Show and have assisted with their social media, marketing, and media relations. It has been a very rewarding experience and I am so grateful for everything I have learned under my supervisors: Margue Esrock and Karen Clayton. That being said, it is crunch time.

st-james-court-art-show-3The art show includes over 700 artists from all over the country that come to feature and sell their one of a kind artwork. In a week they will arrive to Old Louisville and set up their booth spaces, and the chaos will begin.


Many residents of Louisville do not understand that there is a huge application process that begins in January that potential artists have to go through to even be considered to have a booth at the art show. Their work is then juried, and only the best of the best gain the privilege of being a part of such an amazing tradition.11755769_10152931790191260_7818174752644485323_n.jpg




There is more to the St James Court Art Show then just the art show weekend: there are many events that lead up to it. Many talks by long time art show friends, volunteer meetings, as well as the high school competition in which students submit portfolio pieces in a contest in order to have their chance to win one of multiple scholarship




I have had the honor of working with multiple news stations and local media in order to schedule interviews, radio ads, and to advertise for our show. It has been a very fun experience and I have truly got an inside look on what reporting is all about.
I have a feeling that next week will consist of long hours, little sleep, and a lot of art. If you go to the art show you will for sure see me running around like a crazy person!