Next Stop: Adult World … {RUN AWAY}

This past weekend I attended my LAST college football game & tailgate as an undergrad

(I don’t think I need to talk about the end result).

Where has the time gone? This put a lot of things into perspective for me:


I graduate THIS May


Yes. In less than 6 months I will be an Alumni of the University of Louisville with a bachelor of science degree in Communication… Hopefully. I have learned a lot through my internship experiences as well as my academic studies. I really like all aspects of strategic communication, but I am nervous about facing reality and growing up in just a few short months.

I need to find a job….


My goal is to begin my official job search in January. I am wanting to stay in Louisville to be close to my sister while she finishes up college at UofL. As a backup plan, I am open to moving back home to Lexington. I am pursuing a career in marketing, public relations, and/or event coordination. I followed the rules: I went to class and I kept my social media clean. Who wouldn’t want to hire me??untitled



…But I have no idea what I am going to do with my life


I’m very undecided; I like so many aspects of communication. I am afraid that I will not be able to find a position that fulfills all of my interests. But anything is better than minimum wage jobs and unpaid internships right?



I don’t think I am cut out for this adult thing


Bills. Bills. And More Bills. Mentally I believe that I am prepared for holding a full time job position and being on my own in the scary world, but I am very nervous about the financial aspect of things. This might help when/if I find a job….


That being said wish me luck with finals!!! And if you have any life advice, networking contacts, or know of any employment opportunities please let me know:)



Running Out of Time

*Attention college students everywhere*

If you haven’t started freaking out already, well you should. We are one week away from Thanksgiving, which also means another thing… FINALS. Yes, the dreaded week when you try to convince yourself that you can teach yourself a semester worth of material in two days and still get an A.

Ha. Ha.
images.jpegIf you haven’t noticed on campus, things are shifting. This past week I have made some observations on campus and I am happy to report to you how the UofL student body is reacting to final exams through some common quotes that are heard this time of year:

“Who are you?”

Yes, this is the point in the semester when a random stranger will sit down next to you in class and try to become your best friend. They will ask if your teacher has been taking attendance and if they missed any important assignments. You’ll slowly discover that they are one of your classmates even though you don’t recognize them. Don’t feel that bad when you “forget” to send them your notes from the whole semester, chances are they already have like a 37% in the class.


“Can I drink on this antibiotic?”

Look around: chances are that someone is sneezing, coughing, or appearing as if they might die in the near future. Sleep isn’t an option because of procrastination, meals include whatever looks appealing in the nearest vending machine, and immune systems are shot because of coping methods on the weekends. Campus Health is packed with kids trying to get doctor’s notes and medications. However, no you cannot drink antibiotics, so students I recommend chasing with orange juice if you want to “cope” with your sorrows


“I just want to drop out”

No. No. No. A 50 question multiple choice exam or a 5 opinionated page paper is not going to kill you. Take it from a college senior. College is fun, you do not want to be a real adult with a real job, so keep your head up and your GPA higher. You got this!!!

Happy Studying:) 




Running for my Life: To Campus Pt. 2

Today I was glancing at my phone before one of my classes, scrolling through Twitter, the usual…when I came across an article from WLKY: “Woman urged to be vigilant after 2 sexual assaults near UofL”.

Sexual Assaults? What?Screen Shot 2016-09-15 at 10.55.29 PM.png

I clicked on the link and began reading the article. I soon found out that 2 young women, one being a student at UofL, were held at gun point and sexually assaulted; one at 3rd and Gaulbert and the other at 7th and Shipp Ave on MONDAY.

There are many things wrong with this scenario, but to name a few:

  1. This is a vulgar act of violence, no one deserves to be treated this way.
  2. I live exactly 2 blocks away from 3rd and Gaulbert. Crime is happening way too close for comfort, and way to close to campus. College is supposed to be safe; this is slowly dwindling away at the University of Louisville.
  3. WHY ARE WE JUST FINDING OUT ABOUT THIS 3 DAYS AFTER IT HAPPENED. There was not a RAVE alert sent out, no warning to avoid areas, absolutely nothing.
  4.  The title of this article: “Woman urged to be vigilant after 2 sexual assaults near UofL” …Really?  Maybe instead we should urge people not to sexually assault others?


Screen Shot 2016-09-15 at 10.58.19 PM.png

At approximately 6:09pm this evening I received an email from the university issuing a “crime notification” that this incident occurred on Wednesday… so which is it? Monday or Wednesday?

They also, so ever kindly, provided tips on “what to do/not do during and after a sexual assault or burglary occurs” and “suggestions that may help prevent you from becoming the victim of a sexual assault or robbery”. Gee Thanks ULPD!!!


This is the bottom line:


Increasing in Louisville, whether its gang or drug related is honestly irrelevant to me. What is relevant, however, is that I do not feel safe. I do not feel safe walking through campus, walking home, walking through parking lots, and even getting out of my car in a public place alone.

I have common sense: I avoid the sketchy areas that young women like myself should not be in, but what happens when these areas become where I live, where I work, and where I learn.

I am looking forward to talking with ULPD about their thoughts on this situation, because quite frankly, I am not impressed.

Running for my Life: To Campus

Every morning during the week I wake up at approximately 7:00 am and walk to work. I work at the Student Activity Center in the early mornings and it is about a 15 minute walk from my house. I normally do not mind walking to campus in the daylight, it gives me an opportunity to listen to music and think about my day.


Like I said, I live fairly close to campus, on the outskirts of Old Louisville.

Last week as I was watching the evening news I learned about an eighth grader bringing two guns (one loaded) into his middle school. As I continued to listen closer I learned that this happened at the school that I walk past EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Screen Shot 2016-09-08 at 9.54.11 AM.png


My mother is a huge proponent and subscriber to the “Louisville Crime Maps”. I normally get a weekly lecture about how I need to be more careful and aware of my surroundings when I am out and about in Louisville. After receiving ANOTHER RAVE alert last weekend I finally understand why she preaches the importance of being safe over and over and over to me.


There are nice parts of Louisville, there are nice people in Louisville, but there is also a lot of crime and bad things that occur here as well. I should feel safe attending my University.

However, when my phone buzzes and I get a notification about another armed robbery a few blocks away from campus or my house, with no additional information I do not feel safe.

I appreciate the University utilizing the RAVE alert system, but I think that it is also their responsibility to update us on these dangerous situations, and give us more details after these occurrences. In the mean time while ULPD works on making campus great again, I think I will start running to school.

Fresh Shoes, Fresh Start

Well school has officially started, and the stress will surely begin shortly. This semester is very busy for me. Between taking 15 credit hours in communication and finance courses, balancing 2 internships and a part time job, and still having somewhat of a social life it is insane. Which is why I run.


I actually started running a little over a year ago. Since then I have ran in 2 5Ks, 1 10K, and the Kentucky Derby Festival mini marathon last May. I run with a couple of my friends in the evenings after our  hectic days have come to an end.

We normally run downtown to the waterfront, which completely distresses me. Something that I have learned since I have started this journey is that running is all mental, just like a lot of other things.If you stop thinking about the reasons why you can’t run 5 miles, you’ll get there; just like if you stop worrying about an exam: you will probably perform better when you are not a nervous wreck. It’s all about confidence.


Every time I go for a run I discover new things, brainstorm different ideas, encounter new people and places, and see interesting perspectives on life. Sometimes I’m even scared for my life because there are a lot of “characters” out in the streets of Louisville.



I just got a new pair of Brooks running shoes, which I believe represents a fresh start. A new year, new experiences to be had, and new races to train for: Urban Bourbon Mini Marathon: October 22nd/Graduation: May 2017. I hope to update you, my readers, on the lessons that I learn this year, things that I encounter, and everything else that occurs as I sprint into my senior, and final, year of college with a clean slate. After all: Fresh Shoes, Fresh Start.