Cupcake Wars

After the results of the president election there has been a lot of tension in the air. Many are ready and hopeful to “Make America Great Again” while some believe that we will be at war in no time. I decided to get away from it all tonight and participate in my own kind of war: Cupcake Wars.2016-flyer_orig.png

This evening Phi Sigma Rho, the engineering sorority, at the University of Louisville hosted their annual philanthropy events. All proceeds go to Supporting Heroes & the Travis Manion Foundation. Teams of four compete to create the best cupcake creation, with the supplies given, according to the theme announced. This year the theme was was “Superheroes” since the money goes towards supporting heroes like firefighters and policemen. A couple of firefighters also attended the event and served as the judgesIMG_5093-1.JPG

Me and three of my sorority sisters signed up and decided to participate. We did not know what to expect, but we had a really good time. They told us to start and everyone ran to the middle table which included sprinkles, icing, cupcakes, and more baking decor. By the time we got to the table everything was gone and we had an hour. It. was. war.






We grabbed what we could: green and brown icing, and 10 cupcakes. Not much to work with. The first thing that came to mind was the Hulk, so that is what we decided to do. It did not turn out exactly how we wanted it to, but hey, it was for a good cause.



We often forget to appreciate the good things in our lives when things get hectic. There are men and women that fight for our lives everyday, and I was happy that I was able to donate to that charity tonight. It also gave me an opportunity to get away from social media and the post election hate. I think that we should be more appreciative that we live in a free country.


I consumed a lot of calories after designing my cupcake masterpiece… I should probably go run. If you take anything away from this blog post: CUPCAKE WARS>REAL WARS.