Running Out of Time

*Attention college students everywhere*

If you haven’t started freaking out already, well you should. We are one week away from Thanksgiving, which also means another thing… FINALS. Yes, the dreaded week when you try to convince yourself that you can teach yourself a semester worth of material in two days and still get an A.

Ha. Ha.
images.jpegIf you haven’t noticed on campus, things are shifting. This past week I have made some observations on campus and I am happy to report to you how the UofL student body is reacting to final exams through some common quotes that are heard this time of year:

“Who are you?”

Yes, this is the point in the semester when a random stranger will sit down next to you in class and try to become your best friend. They will ask if your teacher has been taking attendance and if they missed any important assignments. You’ll slowly discover that they are one of your classmates even though you don’t recognize them. Don’t feel that bad when you “forget” to send them your notes from the whole semester, chances are they already have like a 37% in the class.


“Can I drink on this antibiotic?”

Look around: chances are that someone is sneezing, coughing, or appearing as if they might die in the near future. Sleep isn’t an option because of procrastination, meals include whatever looks appealing in the nearest vending machine, and immune systems are shot because of coping methods on the weekends. Campus Health is packed with kids trying to get doctor’s notes and medications. However, no you cannot drink antibiotics, so students I recommend chasing with orange juice if you want to “cope” with your sorrows


“I just want to drop out”

No. No. No. A 50 question multiple choice exam or a 5 opinionated page paper is not going to kill you. Take it from a college senior. College is fun, you do not want to be a real adult with a real job, so keep your head up and your GPA higher. You got this!!!

Happy Studying:)