ShamRock’N Run


As a member of Kappa Delta sorority, at the University of Louisville, we are required to organize various events throughout the calendar year devoted to our philanthropies. Kappa Delta has two national philanthropies: Girl Scouts of America and Prevent Child Abuse America. Every fall we host an annual 5k race. 20% of these proceeds go to Prevent Child Abuse America, while 80% go to Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky to help make policy changes and support preventative efforts here at home.

14657355_1476791185667841_9055338652500610522_nThis race is called ShamRock’N Run and is happening THIS Saturday, November 5th at Cherokee Park. Registration and check-in will begin at 8:30am with the race starting at 10am. Not only will there be running going down, but also a contest for the cutest dog that attends the event, as well as a corn hole tournament, and raffle. This will be the 11th year in a row that UofL’s KDs have put on this successful fundraising event!


Along with raising money for these kids on Saturday we will also be making efforts to boost morale, and raise funds for the next couple days before the race. Thursday, November 3rd, we will be having a percentage night at the Chipotle on Bardstown Rd. in Louisville between 5pm and 9pm. Every person that mentions Kappa Delta or Shamrock while ordering will get Chipotle to donate 50% of their proceeds to Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky!


Finally, on Friday, November 4th from 6-9pm, the ladies of Kappa Delta will be hosting a Spaghetti Dinner, in the KD Suite on campus, in honor of the race the following day. General admission will be $5, but registered runners can eat for just $3!

14907158_1490102611003365_1113599233811698946_nTo register for the event, go to

Can’t make it to the event but you’d still like to support the cause? Make an online donation using the following link to help put a stop to child abuse!

Hope to see you there, I will be running for the kids:)


Ready, Set, Go

Last Saturday, October 22nd, was the day that I have been anticipating all semester: The Urban Bourbon Half Marathon.


Saturday Morning I woke up very early and headed downtown to the Belvedere, between 5th and 6th street on Main. It was very cold out, and I was slightly regretting signing up for this race.


The start line opened at 8:30am and from that moment until after the race I made many observations:

Many elderly people destroyed me in this race

I really don’t understand how a 70 year old man sprinted past me on mile 8, but he did, and I applaud him. Well done sir, well done.

Morale was low

The first mini marathon that I ran was the Kentucky Derby Festival Half Marathon last may. It seems like the entire city of Louisville comes out for that race and line the whole course with signs, water, snacks, etc. There was hardly any cheerleaders a long the way. They were all at Papa Johns Stadium….

Cherokee Park is the devil

I was scared, I expected the worse, and I was correct. Why the race commissioners decided to make miles 4-8 run through the mountains that are Cherokee park is besides me, but it was painful.

My phone died

This is not a drill. My phone literally did that thing where it dies on 78% on the tenth mile. This is also when you are so close, yet so far away and your emotions begin to get the best of you. I ran in complete silence for the last thirty minutes, I also shed a few tears.

People actually drink Bourbon post race

After the race there was a party and all runners got free: Pizza, shots of bourbon, burgoo, beer, bagels, fruit, and more. What more could you ask for. Only in Kentucky will you find thousands of people that will throw back some Evan Williams seconds after crossing the finish line.

The Urban Bourbon was more exciting than the UofL Game

After we completed the race my friend and I rushed to UofL’s tailgate so we could meet up with our friends and walk to the game.  UofL: 54 NC State: 13….. enough said…


It probably wasn’t the best idea to head immediately to tailgate right after, but #gocards over everything am I right??

Running for my Life: To Campus

Every morning during the week I wake up at approximately 7:00 am and walk to work. I work at the Student Activity Center in the early mornings and it is about a 15 minute walk from my house. I normally do not mind walking to campus in the daylight, it gives me an opportunity to listen to music and think about my day.


Like I said, I live fairly close to campus, on the outskirts of Old Louisville.

Last week as I was watching the evening news I learned about an eighth grader bringing two guns (one loaded) into his middle school. As I continued to listen closer I learned that this happened at the school that I walk past EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Screen Shot 2016-09-08 at 9.54.11 AM.png


My mother is a huge proponent and subscriber to the “Louisville Crime Maps”. I normally get a weekly lecture about how I need to be more careful and aware of my surroundings when I am out and about in Louisville. After receiving ANOTHER RAVE alert last weekend I finally understand why she preaches the importance of being safe over and over and over to me.


There are nice parts of Louisville, there are nice people in Louisville, but there is also a lot of crime and bad things that occur here as well. I should feel safe attending my University.

However, when my phone buzzes and I get a notification about another armed robbery a few blocks away from campus or my house, with no additional information I do not feel safe.

I appreciate the University utilizing the RAVE alert system, but I think that it is also their responsibility to update us on these dangerous situations, and give us more details after these occurrences. In the mean time while ULPD works on making campus great again, I think I will start running to school.

Fresh Shoes, Fresh Start

Well school has officially started, and the stress will surely begin shortly. This semester is very busy for me. Between taking 15 credit hours in communication and finance courses, balancing 2 internships and a part time job, and still having somewhat of a social life it is insane. Which is why I run.


I actually started running a little over a year ago. Since then I have ran in 2 5Ks, 1 10K, and the Kentucky Derby Festival mini marathon last May. I run with a couple of my friends in the evenings after our  hectic days have come to an end.

We normally run downtown to the waterfront, which completely distresses me. Something that I have learned since I have started this journey is that running is all mental, just like a lot of other things.If you stop thinking about the reasons why you can’t run 5 miles, you’ll get there; just like if you stop worrying about an exam: you will probably perform better when you are not a nervous wreck. It’s all about confidence.


Every time I go for a run I discover new things, brainstorm different ideas, encounter new people and places, and see interesting perspectives on life. Sometimes I’m even scared for my life because there are a lot of “characters” out in the streets of Louisville.



I just got a new pair of Brooks running shoes, which I believe represents a fresh start. A new year, new experiences to be had, and new races to train for: Urban Bourbon Mini Marathon: October 22nd/Graduation: May 2017. I hope to update you, my readers, on the lessons that I learn this year, things that I encounter, and everything else that occurs as I sprint into my senior, and final, year of college with a clean slate. After all: Fresh Shoes, Fresh Start.